The vision of the factory management is to improve the quality of products and having creativity and innovation in the products; firmly moving towards providing the society with food health and supplying consumer needs.


Planning and Fundamental Actions to Improve the Nutritional Value of Sabina Products from the Management’s Point of View:


  • The growing process of paying attention to public health from different aspects
  • The effort to supply the needs of customers as the company’s most valuable asset and establishing the process of customer care
  • The effort to create diversity in the products according to different consumer interests and planning to increase product diversity in near future

Quality Control

By benefiting from the technical knowledge resulted from years of experience in production and benefiting from efficient human resources and expert staff, and utilizing modern foreign systems and equipments, this unit monitors and controls all steps of processing the products and has thus pivoted its quality privacy policy around the following items:


  • Continuousimprovementoftheproducts and productionprocessbyhiringexpertandtrainedstaff
  • Producing healthy and high-quality products
  • Gaining customer trust and satisfaction and taking customers’ comments, suggestions, and interests into account
  • Adapting the company’s quality of production to credible international standards
  • Informing every single staff member about paying attention to maintaining quality and occupational hygiene

By applying precise quality control methods through equipped laboratories and having an R&D unit, this production unit continuously attempts to always produce credible standard-level products.



Obviously, the goal in any factory is to produce the best product: a totally desirable and fault-free product, with less wastes. In this complex, to achieve this goal, monitoring and controlling the production of food products and running tests on raw materials and the desired products are done in two chemical and microbial sections, each having their own separate laboratories whose equipments are of the best and most precise famous domestic and foreign brands. Regarding the existence of expert and efficient staff and laboratories equipped with high-precision equipments, applying standard methods, and using the best materials with the highest raw materials and the best quality, this production unit aims to produce products which are desirable to the taste of consumers.

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