Sabina and Shiyan are the present brands of Javdan Setareye Ziviye Company, which are produced in the company’s factory in Dehgolan Industrial Estate and are being used as trademarks for the company’s products.

Sabina Strudel is one of the best strudel productions of its kind in Iran and has obtained Food Safety Certification from the Iranian Association of Safe Products.

Strudel is the only cake approved and permitted to be offered in school buffets by School Health Administration as a safe and healthy snack for students.

Natural leaven causes natural fermentation of the product and leavens the dough. This process revives the necessary vitamins of the body in the pastry, since it eases the chewing and prevents the product turning hard and stale.

Sabina strudel with walnut date is also one of the most Sabina strudels produced with best quality date dough and best quality walnut.

Ing : wheat flour, margarine, Sugar, Veg oil, milk powder, Improver, Fresh egg, , Salt, Bakery yeast, Calcium propionate(E282), Date &Walnut Cream
70 gr Strudel
30 packages in each box
Expiration date: 3 months