Due to its healthy baking process, applying no baking soda and using natural dough, Strudel is a healthy snack for school children who need to be served with a healthy nourishment during their break at school. Strudel is the right alternative for perishable foods; to provide children with a healthy snack at school.

The machinery of Javedan Setareye Zivieh Company which are of the most modern machineries of Europe, are an assembly of equipment made in Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, and are recently improved with the new Italian production line “Tago600” to produce different types of bicolor and filled cookies. At the end of this line, there is Dolphin packing machine equipped with nitrogen gas system to increase products shelf life.

Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Sugar, Improver , oil, egg, Bakers yeast, Salt, Emulsifier, Calcium propionate(E282), Vanilla Cream
40 gr Strudel
36 packages in each box
Expiration date: 3 months